Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Brand NEW Beirut "Pompeii"

These kids just keep putting stuff out. After the release of the fantastic Lon Gisland EP I thought that it would be some time before we heard any new material from Zach Condon and crew. But only a short while after Lon Gisland had been internalized into my system, Beirut come around and release Pompeii, a two track EP of sorts that sounds more influenced by the French pop that we have heard Condon is in love with rather than the usual balkan brass horn arrangements and calfskin drum thumping. The two tracks are subtle in their presentation balancing light hearted drum machines with playful piano rolls and chord punches. Condon stays wholely away from any speed strumming of his ukulele but still manages to set his trumpet up far enough in the mix to fulfill any of your longings for some more melancholic horn soundings.

Pompeii tracklisting:
1) Fountains and Tramways
2) Napolean on the Bellerophon

Since there are only two tracks on this release it isn't really fair to put either one up. Go over to eMusic right now and download both of them. If it sounds like anything that we have heard from Beirut before, its going to be this song, "Beluga".

[www] Beirut - Beluga (Demo)


Blogger Arpit Mehta said...

Lol - I just got it last night and was debating whether I should put the whole thing up or just mention that it's on eMusic... well played :p

10:09 AM  

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