Thursday, March 15, 2007

Three, Three Song EPs From Three Countries

Tokyo Police Club
Tokyo Police Club deliver first with the mini EP, Smith. Canada's next great hope already have one EP on the shelves, and even though everyone is frothing for a debut LP, this three song snack is further justification of the hype. "A Lesson In Crime" is a slow, melodic piano tune that feels like it was written off a few bottles of red wine. A perfect exit song for the one-two punch of "Box" and "Cut Cut Paste."

[mp3] Tokyo Police Club - A Lesson In Crime

Help She Can't Swim
Next up is Help She Can't Swim's, Midnight Garden EP, which displays the band's continued assault on the senses, but also shows HSCS's maturing approach to songwriting. The first songs I heard from the UK five piece, were rough demos that consisted of wails, screams and a great sense of humor. "Midnight Garden" holds true to the boy-girl cries, but has a more focused direction. It's no wonder why they have become UK tour buddies with The Blood Brothers on multiple occasions.

[mp3] Help She Can't Swim - Midnight Garden

Bonnie Prince Billy
The American mystic, Will Oldham, strikes again with the Lay & Love release. While the title track is recognizable from The Letting Go, the two additional tracks are sparse, beautiful Bob Dylan covers. Will Oldham is writing the soundtrack for America, the same way Dylan did four decades ago. I'm not calling Oldham the new Dylan, I'm just saying he approaches his music with the same ethos.

[mp3] Bonnie Prince Billy - Senor

All these EPs are available at everyone's new home for affordable music- Emusic.


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