Monday, March 19, 2007

Bradford Cox's Solo Daydream

In honor of Deerhunter's impending visit to Los Angeles, I want to share some songs any Deerhunter fan might enjoy. Bradford Cox is (as you might already know) the lead singer of Deerhunter - the band responsible for Cryptograms, one of 2007's most interesting albums. I recently came across his solo work, and while I don't know the context surrounding the recordings (dates etc), the handful of songs evoke a similar cathartic mood found in Cryptograms.

In a search for more information on Bradford, I (just this second) ran into his "Guest List" at Pitchfork. I found a couple of revealing things in his list, including one that makes me look like a plagiarist. When asked to name a few of his favorite songs, Bradford chose Pavement's "Fight this Generation" and The Velvet Underground's "Heroin." My best description of "After Class" is:
Pavement covering a Velvet Underground song. The song is stripped almost bare, but contains elements of Malkmus' stylized vocal delivery. The part where I sound like a plagiarist comes when Bradford describes "Heroin" as being "cathartic" - a sentence I read about ten minutes after using the same word in the paragraph above. Guess it just means that everyone is on the same page.

April is the "Support Deerhunter" month, with Flourescent Grey EP coming out April 9th, and Deerhunter playing The Echo on April 14th w/ The Ponys.

[mp3] Bradford Cox - After Class
[mp3] Bradford Cox - Cover Me Slowly

Bonus Track:

[mp3] Deerhunter - Tech School (off Turn it up Faggot)



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Thanx for sharing the solo songs!

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