Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Above The Trees the Red Eagle soars

You are crying tonight by the sea…

Sitting as Indians along the shoreline, your soft breaths and body language of locked fingers, curled around the back of your neck, brings my body close to you. My thoughts are heavy as I watch you recall the grimmest of memories. Together we close our eyes to the fog, rolling in from the horizon, and imagine our own nature where the sharks and whales swim in the dark and the red eagle soars above the trees. There you are with me. My cheeks moisten as you open up your little arms.

Reminiscing the best of Califone and Calexico, Paul Duncan colors romantic landscapes, dream weaving emotional escapes with visions of natural parks. Duncan’s voice recalls a Will Oldham that has cleared his throat in order to sing the children to sleep. “Red Eagle” is an adult themed lullaby that is easily adaptable to anyone’s late night soundtracking, aiding all into the visions that rise and fall between sunset and sunrise. We can only hope that Duncan’s Above The Trees is all the beauty that “Red Eagle” alludes at it being.

Above The Trees track list:

01) Red Eagle
02) The Fire
03) The Lake Pt. 2
04) Country Witch
05) Parasail
06) High in the Morning
07) Above the Trees
08) The Lake Pt. 1
09) The Pendulum
10) Memory Curve

[www] Paul Duncan - Red Eagle
[www] Paul Duncan - In A Way (from Be Careful What You Call Home)
[www] Paul Duncan - 1 In 22 (from To An Ambient Hollywood)

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