Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dressed Up For The Letdown

I have been planning my attire for that day for some time now. The funny thing is that it won’t look any different than any other outfit I wear. I am comfortable accepting my fate in a worn t-shirt and jeans. It’s hard not to look forward to that ‘letdown’ where I get that expensive piece of paper (that everybody else’s taxes paid for) and I am asked to go sit in a corner with the rest of the world where we talk about the “woulda-coulda’s” like we actually had a chance to do something about it. Because did we ever really have a chance?

Today was just one of those days when nothing works. The sky wouldn’t change colors, the sun didn’t exist, my heater didn’t work well when I would stand next to my open window. But then I put on Richard Swift’s Dressed Up For The Letdown and my whole world changed. Well, hardly, but it did make me realize that somewhere off in some corner of the LA basin there is a room where a man paints with his own colors, whistles to his own tune, and has metaphorically built a bridge over those nostalgia tripping conversationalists that I fear of coming into contact with. I am saved for the moment.

[www] Richard SwiftThe Songs Of National Freedom
[www] Richard SwiftLady Day (from The Novelist EP)



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that was me

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