Friday, February 02, 2007

Talkdemonic ain't no devil

There is hardly anything sinister behind the duo whose name is a farce collaboration between the common and the other worldly. Yet Talkdemonic is everything their name claims them to be: a metamorphosis between two separate identities, the organic fiddlings of strings and the twiddling knob tweeks of synthesizer keys. Void of voice, Talkdemonic’s second album, Beat Romantic, relies on the intricate build up where strings and soft banjo/guitar orchestrations counter weigh heavy fisted drumming. The musical architecture that results on Beat Romantic is highly a reflection of Kevin O’Connor and Lisa Molinaro’s desire to fill their melody making foundations with harmonies and counter melodies so strong that it need not fear defeat or collapse. But what is so magnificent about their creation is not found in the albums oddities but rather in the many unexpected successes of beauty that you find yourself encountering as you make your journey through the album.

[www] TalkdemonicBering
[www] TalkdemonicDusty Fluorescent / Wooden Shelves


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