Friday, January 19, 2007

Malkmus likes The Kingdom

How did I miss this? Almost a year ago I came across the Kingdom with their debut Unitas EP and was immediately struck at their quick jabs at pop perfection. It wasn’t until this week when Stereogum let us in on Stephen Malkmus’ sit-down with Seattle’s The Stranger where Mr. Pavement points out his liking for the Portland outfit that I forced myself to find out what the Kingdom have been up to.

Fortunately, I was able to head over to eMusic (God bless their souls) and pick up the Kingdom’s new album
K1. I hate saying that I was pleasantly surprised by a band but the Kingdom’s K1 is everything and a step up from where Unitas left off. With their new album, the Kingdom find themselves firmly planted in their tight fitting pop architecture (only one song on the 11-track album runs over 3 minutes). Charles Westmoreland’s ringy, high-pitched vocals have grown on me during my second pass and now come off as more friendly and familiar in his avant-garde story telling. And it never hurts to have a gorgeous girl in the band.

[www] The KingdomRacer

The KingdomDriver


Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Rufus & Maude in Chicago

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