Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Where the Black Lips Go - Chaos Follows

If you don't leave a Black Lips concert covered in beer and sweat, then you've missed the best part of the show. For six years the band has cultivated a notorious, free-for-all, live environment, and it'd be a shame not to take advantage of it. I give pardon only to RC's brilliant photog Braedon, due to camera safety concerns.

Walking into the Echo, I had serious doubts whether this was going to be the Black Lips show I'd heard in legend; however, it only took the first note, of the first song to prove all worries false. The once docile crowd, instantly made for the stage and started dancing in all directions. Also, most everyone holding a drink began throwing it towards the stage. This left me soaked in beer, smashed up against the stage (reference the bottom right photo) and having the best time of my life.

The strangest aspect of the show was the overwhelming reaction of the crowd to the music. I never see that kind of crowd enthusiasm anymore, especially in Silverlake, and it all goes back to the Black Lips cultivating this environment. While the band's music is filled with tons of energy, it's also got a downbeat psych vibe that you wouldn't connect with a chaotic show. It's really with the band itself that the crowd finds its guidance. The Black Lips know this, and take full advantage, by always engaging with the audience.

By the end of the show girls had rushed the stage, St. Pe (guitarist) was getting naked and the Echo staff were getting annoyed. For me it was a perfect way to experience the Black Lips. If you want to learn a bit more about their music, check out an earlier article about them here. Thank you also to the lovely Christen at Vice for always hooking me up.

[www] Black Lips - Not a Problem (live in TJ)

[www] Black Lips - Freakout (live @ SXSW)


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What? They didnt pee on stage? bummer.

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