Thursday, January 18, 2007

Black Lips - Los Valentes Del Mundo Nuevo

The Black Lips created a lot of internet chatter over the past year, due to the various, insane acts performed by the band on stage. We'll just leave it at - there is a lot of urine involved. Like everyone else, I thought - ewww... I wonder what their music sounds like? "Not A Problem," "Gentle Violence" and "Hippie, Hippie, Hoorah" performed a three punch knockout on me, in the first round. The songs contain an unchecked, abandon, somehow wrapped in a catchy pop melody. It sounds like the band is trying to claw its way out of my speakers, with chaos and infectious riffs. Translation: You just need to hear it to believe me.

As a kick off release for their new label home- Vice, the Black Lips kept the insanity alive, and recorded a live record at a chaotic bar in Tijuana. Vice and Black Lips are the perfect marriage of crazy rad, and rad crazy. The record is called Los Valentes Del Mundo Nuevo, and it sounds fantastic. John Reis recorded the show, and is owed a huge debt of gratitude for capturing the ferociousness of the show, without sacrificing sound quality. Check out a trailer of live footage from the show here. The album comes out February 20th, but we have a track to get you listening.

[www] Black Lips - Not A Problem

Bonus track from Let It Bloom

[www] Black Lips - Hippie Hippie Hoorah

Come see them live:

1/23/07 12 Galaxies (San Francisco)
1/24/07 The Glass House
1/25/07 The Casbah
1/26/07 Echo
1/27/07 Spaceland
1/29/07 UCLA


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