Thursday, September 21, 2006

LA Bands worth checking out (because you may have forgotten)

A few months ago, we declared Rewriteable Content to be a place of permanence. Since we want our politics to be clean we are trying to sway away from any flippity floppiness. With that said, the Content is bringing back some of our favorite LA sounds over the past few months (or so). If you haven't already heard us rave about these bands then be sure to check the links so you can fall in love with them too.

Eskimo Hunter really caught me off guard. After being just another odd named band that passed through my ears week after week JAX finally gave me reason to give them a chance and holy hell was I surprised. I hate getting all messy with enthusiasm but Eskimo Hunter really gets me excited about listening to music. Their sound is something like listening to Kevin Shields soundtrack a day in the life of an Angelino; static beauty with enough melody to pull you through that big cloud of fuzz. Be sure and catch their live show next week at the Echo.

[mp3] Eskimo HunterSurfing At 32F
9/28/06 – Echo

Golden State’s James Grundler has long been an infatuation of mine. Ever since seeing Grundler almost one up Jimmy Gnecco as he performed with his band Paloalto at the Roxy many years back I have been obsessed with getting to the root of his song writing and his impressive vocal styling. It’s hard to deny the talent of a voice that sounds like Bono singing Bends-era Radiohead.

[mp3] Golden StateAlbatross
[mp3] PaloaltoDepression Age
9/23/06 – Viper Room

The Little Ones are our friends. Shucks, they are probably everybody’s friends. This five piece might have authored the Content’s most played disc of the year and it’s only their debut EP. In between recording time, signing with Astralwerks, and a nationwide tour backing the French Kicks, the Little Ones look like the might be making a lot of friends all over the place. If you haven’t gotten to know the band yet head over to New & Used Records for the latest installment of their amazing podcast series with special guests, the Little Ones.

[mp3] The Little OnesCha Cha Cha

The first time I heard Minor Canon all I heard was a cymbal crash. Luckily that one crashing outro gave me enough to purchase their 3-song demo. With their many live shows around LA we have been able to catch the Minor Canon a few times. Their great sets are filled with enough drums, trumpets, and man power to do battle with any Elephant 6 band.

[mp3] Minor CanonA False Start

Due I really need to say anything about the Cold War Kids. I think we have said enough already. But if you still haven’t taken the time then here is your chance.

[mp3] Cold War KidsWe Used To Vacation
- Detroit Bar

Messes proves that Myspace is good for something besides _______ (fill in the blank). After coming into contact with this LA based folk hero through a random Myspace message, I was happily surprised by Messes’ easy-on-the-heart lullabies that sweetly contrast amidst the workings of our sharp edged city.

[mp3] MessesLight In My Eyes

Let’s Go Sailing is soon to be releasing their first full length of indie pop gold. What else could you expect from a songwriter that left her old band, Irving, to do her own thing. Radio Free Silver Lake has a mini interview with LGS's own Shana Levy.

[mp3] Let’s Go SailingHeart Condition

Remy Zero
is back! Oh my schoolgirl giddiness is getting everyone around me ready to beat me into shape. It’s been a few years since the boys have done anything formally but boy are we ready to fall in love with this band again.

[mp3] Remy ZeroAnger (Live)
BONUS [mp3] Remy ZeroResurrection (Demo)


Blogger Will said...

Hopefully one of Grundler's bands will find some well-deserved success. I'm going to count on the Content for all my Remy Zero updates, as well as podcast A&R (if that's cool).

3:04 PM  
Anonymous Arpit said...

Will be at Cold War Kids... you guys gonna be there?

2:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Blogger Christen Rose Pepa said...

How can I download your copy of "Albatross" by Golden State? I want it so bad.

6:59 PM  

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