Thursday, August 24, 2006

Was Buzz and getting to know Let’s Go Sailing

A bumblebee flew by me the other day. As I watched the yellow blackness make its turn to descend again on my questioning head, I curiously began to listen closely to its language. Was it angry? Annoyed? Did it love me? Did it even know my name? Even the greatest of my interpretative skills couldn’t judge the nonsensical mumbo jumbo that my friend enemy used to break through the language barrier between us. In the end, all it was…was buzz.

And so is much of the buzz around new bands, albums, and songs. Nobody knows what anybody is saying about “it” because all one can hear is the indecipherable language of foreign wings rubbing together in busy harmony. Is it good? Is it bad? Does it live up to what everyone is saying?

Let’s Go Sailing was one of these bands for me. After reading about them over at our beloved cohorts Rock Insider and IGIF, as well as other reputable sources, all I had was buzz. I am sure we have all had the experience, a girl you had to meet, a good flick worth seeing, a song you had to hear this person sing. And for some reason or another, it doesn’t always happen. Songs can remain an empty statistic in your iTunes, a film to the endless queue on Netflix, and that girl…well she just doesn’t dig you (pity party for one please).

Though Let’s Go Sailing might not be the next Beirut and might not be the girl of my dreams, I am glad that I have met her because we might make pretty good friends. Their Aimee Mann type ease of melody and singsong layering of heartache and sincerity makes Let’s Go Sailing a must for the winter hold-me-down or the springtime pick-me-up. Their debut full-length The Chaos In Order comes out…soon?

[mp3] Let’s Go SailingIcicles
[mp3] Let’s Go SailingIt’s As Clear

Be sure to check Let’s Go Sailing tonight at the Echo.

8/24/06 – Echo (w/ Oh No!Oh My!) (tix)


Blogger JAX said...

Yay! Lets Go Sailing! "It's As Clear" is such an adorable song. Im soo excited people are starting to catch on to them. Shana is such an amazing person!

12:39 PM  

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