Friday, August 18, 2006

Eskimo Hunter soundtracks our days

Business, education, connections, and expectations pile like bricks atop our backs, bricks to a house that we didn’t know we were building. Love slows us down and family speeds us up. Beauty pauses and money fast-forwards. Amidst this blueprint of life, we find movements of stop and go, flux and freeze, that leave us exhausted, frustrated, and alive. We listen to music to document our feelings at moments in time. Be it a scream to release the frustration or a finger plucked melody to lay our bodies to rest, we are the composers of the soundtracks of our lives.

Somewhere within this description, amidst the quarrels and triumphs, is a song playing by Eskimo Hunter, a brainchild Kevin Shields may have wished was his. It might be unfair to say that Eskimo Hunter is trying to be My Bloody Valentine, a band that stands alone in their sonic structures of tone and distortion, though I wouldn’t be surprised if one was mistaken for the other by a novice ear. The vocals are set back, the drums brought forward, and the fuzz is overflowing everywhere. It makes you wonder if it is possible to call fuzz wet?

If anything, Eskimo Hunter has gotten my attention and has me excited (Thanks JAX). For what, may you ask? Well, for the opportunity to have my ears blown out by something bigger than sound, for this is music, when performed live, that should leave your head ringing

Be sure to pick up Eskimo Hunter’s EP, Musical Snowglobe Machine, here. Welcome to the igloo.

[mp3] Eskimo HunterSurfing At 32F
[mp3] Eskimo HunterWalking Tour Of Space

Spaceland (Eskimo Hunter, Minor Canon, Stars of Track & Field) (info)


Blogger JAX said...

ahh the good ole s.s. 71.

excellent band if i do say so.

2:49 PM  

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