Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Junior Boys bring the sweat

Some have called Junior BoysSo This Is Goodbye a travel disc, a companion that is demanded on cross-country outings, train rides through Eastern Europe, and a nostalgia inducing remembrance drug. My first impression on Junior Boys new electronic popscapades is more time travel to a decade stained with neon, “Skinamax,” and high hair than post-graduate excursions in order to “find oneself.” Upon first listen it is easy to envision an early 80s love scene, inevitably involving Bruce Willis with some other no-name actress. The cut and copy rhythms of heavy breathing that are found throughout the album, most notably on “In The Morning,” coupled with the soft vocal appeal of Jeremy Greenspan, make for some of the sexiest music that I have ever come across. Junior Boys’ pop essence is slow and growing; yet, somehow the disc comes off as rather immediate in its songwriting.

After seeing Junior Boys last year, performing with Caribou
and the Russian Futurists, I have been eagerly awaiting the Boys’ new album, as well as a chance to catch the dynamic duo live again. Fortunately, there are still tickets available for next week's show at the Troubadour - so jump on it.

Junior BoysCount Souvenirs

Junior BoysIn The Morning
More over at the Hype Machine.
Buy So This Is Goodbye over at Insound.

BONUS [mp3] Junior Boys - Birthday (Manitoba Remix)

9/25/06 – Troubadour (tix)


Blogger Barbara Bruederlin said...

I just started hearing the Junior Boys this summer. Thanks for reminding me about them, as I've been meaning to check them out more.

9:32 PM  

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