Friday, September 15, 2006

Cold War Kids/Dr. Dog @ the Troubadour

The Troubadour was full with a crowd consisting of browsers and back up singers. Entering with Dr. Dog tearing through their vocal chords, screaming out jingles from black and white television commercials, attention was granted to the doo-wop-to-the-southern-rock band. I could hear them in the hall, clearly from the bathroom stall, and the rafters reverberated their southern anthem sing-a-longs through my tissue wad earplugs. This all made me want to sing along with the girl next to me (she was gorgeous and she was everywhere tonight).

[mp3] Dr. DogWake Up
[mp3] Dr. DogEasy Beat
More over at the Hype Machine.

Now for the “in between,” the take down/setup that is never done with the NASCAR, pit stop speed that it deserves. I fall into rubbing elbows, checking smiles, scoping the scene. That gorgeous girl seemed to have brought her many sisters or had magically split and reformed a thousand times behind my back. And as the lights dimmed my libido took a rain check. It was probably just scared for whenever I hear the Cold War Kids I think of smoky, sepia stained prison band rock and prison will scare any honest man’s innate desires down to hell. The guitars are dirty, played hollow down empty concrete hallways. The drums are persistant, the chippity chip chip of your inmate's midnight escape plans. The piano is broken, slightly off key with character and the vocals are dancing and neurotic. But don’t think this is the redemption at Shawshank, this is the music soundtracking Cool Hand’s many attempts at freedom, always failing yet giving hope to all his audience.

[mp3] Cold War KidsRed Wine, Success
[mp3] Cold War KidsThe Soloist In The Living Room
Two brand new CWK mp3s over at Daytrotter.
More over at the Hype Machine.

The Content is always excited to hear of little bands growing up. Though some speculated about the risk of recording three EPs without any real way of disbursing them, Cold War Kids fans are in for a treat with their signing to Downtown Records. Their official debut LP, entitled Robbers & Cowards, is set to drop October 10 with a tracklist comprising of a few new songs (seriously, go visit Daytrotter) and many of the songs off their last two EPs, Up In Rags and With Our Wallets Full, with a few of those tracks being newly recorded. Go and mark your calendars. Here is the tracklisting.

Robbers & Cowards

1) We Used To Vacation
2) Hang Me Up To Dry
3) Tell Me In The Morning
4) Hair Down
5) Passing The Hat
6) Saint John
7) Robbers
8) Hospital Beds
9) Pregnant
10) Red Wine, Success!
11) God, Make Up Your Mind
12) Rubidoux

All photos by Braedon.


Blogger Barbara Bruederlin said...

Those are great photos.

I'm looking forward to your collabration with Will.

8:29 PM  
Anonymous topomodesto said...

Yeah, really nice photos. What'd you think of the Springsteen cover?

3:50 PM  

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