Friday, January 06, 2006

Arctic Monkeys bring the freeze!

If you've been outside in the last few days you will have noticed that there is a crazy heat wave sweeping through LA. Call it global warming or a change of temperature in the Pacific upwelling but the only odd thing about any of this is that...


If you noticed the exclamation point you will understand that this is no laughing matter but rather a time to call on a higher power.

Drastic times call for drastic measures. Luckily for us someone threw up the "monkey signal" and a welcome response just arrived: the Arctic Monkeys are on their way and yes they are going to save the day.

On their way from battling the evil Atlantic Jetstream in Britain, the Arctic Monkeys are bringing their frozen dance floor beats to Los Angeles just in time. This is the Arctic Monkeys' second time around in the past couple of months. After a minor warm spell at Spaceland last fall, the boys have moved on to bigger and badder venues to display their vicious attack on the elements.

I bet they look good on the dance floor but why don't you let me know.

3/15/06 - Henry Fonda Theatre (tix not yet available)


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