Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Mothers Gone Mad

At what point did the whole world go completely insane? Everyone loves to blame their children's mental and physical downfalls on someone else, and here is another perfect example of a paranoid watchdog group doing exactly that. Mothers Against Noise is a group of women trying to spread the message that "noise bands" are destroying our youth.

"Noise is a dangerous musical trend that is hell bent on destroying civilized culture, this anti cultural movement is quickly sweeping the globe, and is very dangerous to our youth."

The lady even goes on to invoke 9-11 into her argument!

"In this post 9-11 world we have to fight harder and smarter than our enemies. We must arm our self with knowledge and seek to shine light where there is only darkness. "

(remember to pick your jaw up off the floor before proceeding)

I like Wolf Eyes, The Locust, Lightning Bolt, Black Dice, Radiohead (I only place them on the list because MAN says they are a "gateway band" to worse noise- unbelievable). Big deal. I'm not asking anyone else to like them, but for God's sake please find something better to do with your time then rip off the MADD logo (a group that actually does something productive)

So the good news to this story is that a group of musicians have taken it upon themselves to make an anti- MAN website, using the press from the original site as a jumping off point.

Touché crafty youth!

They even have a free cd being released on Jan 7th featuring all your noise making favorites.


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