Thursday, December 22, 2005

L.A. Bands Playing SXSW

So like you I wet myself when I saw the lineup for SXSW 2006. Out of the 7500 bands that applied to play SXSW only a handful of LA bands made the cut, so check them out and get to know them.

The Adored
The BellRays
The Brokedown
Dengue Fever
Flogging Molly
The Like
The Plimsouls

(The Content doesn't necessarily endorse these bands - so don't come complaining to us if they're terrible)

I hear that getting into shows at SXSW is a little tricky and that ticket holders are third priority over those with badges or wristbands. While badges are pretty pricey and are hard to come by, out of towners can get their hands on a wristband by following this link.

The 2006 info will be updated soon so hold on to your knickers before blowing your tops off if last year’s info is still posted.


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