Friday, December 23, 2005

Blood Brothers Whip Up a New Treat

How I've gone a week without mentioning anything about The Blood Brothers is beyond me - so lets change that right now. This is the kind of news that basically helps no one, but is always exciting to hear. Johnny and the crew have finally arrived back home for the winter, and will begin the process of writing a new album. See what I mean about this helping no one? It breeding nothing but anxious waiting.

One very small way to get your BBs fix for the holidays is by downloading their first ever (to my knowledge) official remix. The patient - fellow V2 bandmates Gang of Four. The song - Anthrax.

Download the track riiiiiiiight................
here (link should work now - yay)

Oh man just thought of more somewhat related news. Does he hold it for a later post? Nah. If you have missed the Crystal City Clothing bandwagon then get your ass in gear and head over there.

Crystal City is a clothing company started by Johnny Whitney (
BBs) and Amy Carlsen (Sasha Clothing Co.) that makes some amazing prints. If Johnny and Amy made babies there is no doubt that they would be talented, well dressed rockers. Some perks to the company (other than the obvious ones) are that they price everything fairly, deliver quickly and handwrite a thank you note in your package. You can't beat that people.


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