Friday, January 06, 2006

Need your Devendra fix?

As if hearing your parents talk about the birds and the bees and Animal Planet's hunting after crocodiles wasn't enough, someone had to go ahead and make music about all those fuzzy creatures that we love to eat and eat, feel good (as you can tell I don't ever visit Native Foods - soy what!?!).

Well if you're feeling the itch, the scratch, or the tick to hear anything from our most beloved, bearded, fairy god than you can fulfill your cravings with one intimate night at the

The only catch is that this time Devendra will be taking the back seat and playing guitar for his other band Vetiver. They're dusty, they're folky, and they've got some melody to share. They also be prettay, prettay, prettay good so go give them a listen. You know you want to.

1/23/06 - Echo (


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