Thursday, January 05, 2006

Animal Collective Gather at the Vanguard

We told you March was going to be a great month, and here is more evidence backing that claim. Animal Collective are making their way back into town on March 7th to play the delightfully soulful Vanguard.

If you missed Panda Bear and the gang last time around then you might not understand the magnitude of the Animal Collective experience, and if you caught the show then I'm sure you've already bought tickets (like us)- so this post is for the casual and non-fan who needs that extra push before committing to a show.

I'm not sure how to elaborate on this, but I highly suggest you attend this concert. It will be like taking your eardrums out on a fancy date, and when is the last time you really spoiled them rotten?

Buy tickets here

Also check them out on the cover of this month's Res (this was the only picture I could find online - you get the idea). The always brilliant Autumn de Wilde is responsible for the photo shoot and even constructed the background art for the shoot. Damn she's good.


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