Friday, August 17, 2007

The Cloud Of Unknowing

Why the bother of such questions? Why the burden of the seemingly unanswerable to weigh upon the shoulders of this young life? It’s such endless torment that can only be extinguished under the power and beauty of the intangible; the notes of youth and experiment that come together in an other worldly, celestial melody. No voice, no lyric, no rhyme yet pulled together in a recognizably tight reason that allows the inconsistencies of faith and truth to be suspended for a time; a momentary atonement of my doubts and fears.

The Cloud of Unknowing rings completely true in this more than heavyhearted period in my life where tradition has been forced into question and practiced principles burn bright under the light of reason. James Blackwell’s twelve string is purveyor of notes that ring hallow as if bounced like the ideas of God reflecting off some stonewall of a cathedral tower. Blackwell is no prophet yet he designs soundscapes with the timbre that can equate to the fulfillment of my own yearnings at the moment; a voice that embodies the hope that I hold on to as an answer to all those bigger questions that sit like boulders, smoothed and weathered from a quarter century of being positioned under the rushing thoughts in the back of my mind.

James BlackwellRunning To The Ghost



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