Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bright Eyes @ The Walt Disney Concert Hall

There's nothing better than fine music performed within equally fine architecture. In a rare, none LAphil night at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, kids between the ages of 14-30 flocked, for what I can only imagine was their first time, into Frank Gehry's gorgeous car wreck of a structure, to see Bright Eyes debut his new work - Cassadaga. What's most amazing about the Hall, is the dichotomy between the cold metal exterior panels, and the soothing and gentle wood work within the building. The large concert hall is nothing short of a musical sanctuary

Perched high above the side of the stage, I was left to absorb every aspect of the architecture, music and crowd. White curtains were hung high in the corners of the room, and lit with deep blue lights to create a permanent twilight effect. The band, 10 strong, were dressed in pure white and surrounded by a stage full of flowers. And to top off the visual bliss, a projector featuring real time video, dowsed the band with a swirling array of lights.

Cassadaga seems to be the first enigmatic Bright Eyes release I've come across. Part of me just means it's slightly bland, but the other part wants to witness what Conor is on the cusp of creating. The set was predominantly taken from the new LP, but of course the only song missing happens to be my favorite - "I Must Belong Somewhere." Oh well, I've seen him perform it twice, so I guess I'm just getting greedy.

On the album, "If the Brakeman Turns My Way" and "Clairaudients" lacked traction in my brain, which has never been an issue with the other 139 Bright Eyes songs I have on my itunes; however, the live performance opened up more life in the songs. "Four Winds" is a classic Conor and Mike tune that stays trapped in my body for days - omniscient narrator, twanging country flair and quivering vocals give it the full package. Older songs like "False Advertising" and tracks off I'm Wide Awake ("Lua" and "First Day of My Life") kept the night well rounded.
The band was tighter than ever and the songs sounded beautiful throughout -leaving Natalie and I skipping all the way to the car.

From the Saddle Creek site:

[mp3] Bright Eyes - Four Winds

[mp3] Bright Eyes - No One Would Riot For Less

Photos @ Soma by: Braedon

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Blogger 100 years of trash said...

an idea what type of guitar mike mogis is playing? it looks like a big reversed fender mustang with a bigsby. great photos.

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