Friday, May 18, 2007

God Save The Clientele

It’s hard to tell whether I am falling in love or falling apart while listening to the Clientele’s fantastically new, blast from the past, Britpop masterpiece God Save the Clientele. The new songs come off as confident steps in the bands own humility, which makes my frustrations an ever more difficult task to deal with. In listening to the album in its entirety over my weeklong sabbatical into procrastination for finals, I have struggled with feelings that traverse the spectrum of romance but in a way that is far removed from the usual heartbreak and ache storytelling. Its showers and sunshine on this album but the stormy and summer days are interspersed in almost mathematical genius to relate the mood swings of romance, lust, love, and longing. But besides the lyrical depictions and emotional settings that the Clientele have effectively created on this album, it’s their musical potency that is their biggest win.

[mp3] The ClienteleIsn’t Life Strange

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