Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Suggested Viewing: Shawn Kim - Turnstyle Blues

[mov] Shawn Kim: Autolux - "Turnstyle Blues"

When I first saw it, I sent this video to my roommate Grant. He wrote back:

“That's sex in a bottle.”

Pretty well sums it up.

This video was my first introduction to Autolux; a noisy drony sort of My Bloody Valentine Los Angelean pop band. As you watch, your first comment will likely be how mean that beat is. Indeed. Carla Azar (who’s talents were recently mentioned of in our Pity Party interview) is one funky drummer you need not give back ta James.*

Predominantly a cinematographer, Shawn Kim also directs this video for "Turnstyle Blues." Friend and DP of director Patrick Daughters, Kim was behind camera on the likes of Yeah Yeah Yeah’s - Maps, Kings Of Leon - King Of The Rodeo, Death Cab For Cutie’s - Title & Registration etc... There should be badges your mom sews on when stuff’s this good. We see his distinctive beautiful dark polish again here, with a few additions.

The multiple monitors are wonderful. Ea
ch screen its own canvas, allowing the camera to pan through angles and images without cutting away. Swaying past blown out lights aimed towards camera, everything given a cool green hue.

The use of black is great. How fading in and out of it keeps time, and creates edits; adding tone rather than merely holding place as "nothing."

Everyone should be checking out Autolux's first album (Future Perfect) now. A sophomore release is pending for the end of this summer. Also look for an Autolux collaboration on the upcoming UNKLE record.

* Black Sheep Son



Blogger f*bomb. said...

I feel like the stars have aligned and now you are my new favourite spot check. You've got me superexcited to read more of your music reviews.

2:38 PM  

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