Thursday, May 10, 2007

Chosen Treasures: The Four Freshmen

Love lost right in the very beginning. Love lost when it had such a good chance at winning.

It’s unfair what we do to the past. We forget about it, bury it away in graves of dust-ridden piles of memories to unearth at some future event when nostalgia kicks in and we need to get our dosage of what it used to be like back then, back when she, he, they knew us, loved us, hurt us.

My heart has ached to live in that period before my time, a time of jukeboxes and poodle skirts, soda shops and harmonies. I imagine that life would be simpler if I had been chosen to be hatched forty years prior my arrival when authenticity seemed to be the norm and not a mere luxury for the chance stricken garage sale scavenger seeking miracles. But as I unveil some of my chosen treasures I realize that back then hearts still lay in pieces, work for craftsman and carpenter to stitch and seal with care so that it could occupy the workload that it was created for. For this chosen treasure I have unearthed the heartache of the Four Freshmen’s album Love Lost, a collection of tunes that range in their regret and hurt as well as their hope of what the future will bring.

If I ever love again it will be you. There will be no other one, no one but you.

[mp3] The Four FreshmenLove Lost
[mp3] The Four FreshmenIf I Ever Love Again



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