Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Maps - Start Something EP

Maps are for the wandering hearted, laying out the world in coordinates and planes that are often hidden to those steady in their familiar footsteps. In a time where the foreigner simply has to “mapquest” a given area, that crinkled, impossible to fold, paper has seemingly lost all its need in a world that allows technology to guide one’s travels.

And somehow Maps, the band, juxtaposes this little analogy with their direct, electronic architecture that always arrives at its destination. The subtle hum of James Chapman sets the mood for the perfect winter soundscape. Where Beach House is the escapist winter destination along the coast, Maps is the escape to a snow fluttered forest where the stars align to guide you home. Maps is not rural to any extent; rather it is the light at the end of the tunnel, the snow covered city lights that burn brightly over yonder.

[mp3] MapsLost My Soul
[mp3] MapsTo The Sky

Maps has been garnering acclaim from NME, as well as others across the pond, calling the Northampton wunderkid's debut Start Something EP “soul searching electronica that has been getting people very excited.” We understand that NME can’t always be trusted but we sure can agree that Maps is something to get excited about if merely for its ability to lighten the emotional load on your back which is ever important during this stressful holiday season.

Buy Start Something here. You can thank us later.


Blogger Arpit Mehta said...

Is it just me or does he look like the guy from 3 Doors Down?

Good stuff, nonetheless.

10:36 AM  
Anonymous price per head online said...

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