Friday, November 17, 2006

Tralala forget themselves

Tralala would like you to notice the lack of the “the” before their band name. It would make sense to see that pretentious little word affixed to their name since, at first glance, Tralala is a girl band that comes with the usual fashions of handclaps and harmonies that their predecessors used so well. But then at second glance, Tralala winds up, bends a hip, and shimmies away to the middle of the dance floor where there isn’t anything pretty going down. This second pass helps you realize that this isn’t a girl group as much as it is a punk outfit from New York that shares and fights over vocal duties the way only four girls could.

Pretentious? I think not. Highly self aware of the limitations of their own sound, Tralala attempts to capture their audience in little flashes of song, two minute commentaries that remind us of the potency of Spector pop and Ramones' riffs. It doesn't really get much simpler than this but sometimes that is all we need.

TralalaWe’re Coming Out
[mp3] TralalaAre You Gonna Dance (With Me)?

Buy Tralala at eMusic. Be sure to check out their Christmas EP since it is almost time to pull out those dusty tapes once again.

12/6/06 - Spaceland (w/ Annuals, Jim Noir) (tix)


Blogger Will said...

i am sure i will be hooked, just as with the pipettes.

4:24 PM  

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