Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Jolie Holland and Vetiver @ The Jensen Rec

RC's master of the lens, Braedon, made it out to the Jolie Holland show last week, and wanted to share his experience with you:

How quickly you can travel back in time listening to Jolie Holland. What an old fashioned voice in a young, contemporary woman. Holland grew up in Texas, which gives roots to her folkier side, but when you hear her music, it’s hard not to picture yourself in a New York dive bar during the 1920’s. Her music has a bit of a jazz, folk fusion with vocals that keep you intent on the songs. Casablanca comes to mind. Small intimate bars or clubs, dark and dreary with Jolie Holland’s subtle but vibrant voice piercing the air.

Jolie Holland came through LA and performed at the Jensen Rec Center, which provided a perfect atmosphere. A photo studio by day and concert venue by night, the Jensen Rec is great. A fireplace on one side of the venue, couches, a balcony, small enough to be intimate, and great sound. The night was good and Jolie sounded brilliant.

Jolie Holland's site

[mp3] Jolie Holland - Crazy Dreams

Preceding Jolie Holland, Vetiver manned the stage with a presence to be felt. The band came with a bearded entourage of friends and fans. Looking at the band, you would think you're back in the 70's. On stage, Vetiver can play. The band has a taste of country, rock and folk, with hints of Ryan Adams and Iron & Wine. Their performance is worth seeing and CD that deserves a purchase.

Vetiver's myspace

Sonny Smith is an interesting cat. Accompanied by only a guitar (there was a drummer on one or two songs), Sonny singing songs as if he were reading each like a poem. Very simple music, presented in a storyteller fashion.

Sonny Smith's site

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