Friday, November 24, 2006

Explosions in the Sky welcome the ghosts

The Content slacked in getting to see Explosions in the Sky here in LA a few weeks ago. Yeah, we were bummed too. Fortunately, we are not slacking at getting you a brand new song from the band's forthcoming release, All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone, due out this February. That may be a long while out, but at least you have a killer new song to add to your study mix for your upcoming finals. Good luck and we hope you all had a happy Turkey Day.

[mp3] Explosions in the Sky - Welcome, Ghosts
[mp3] Explosions in the Sky - Day Six (from the Rescue EP)
[mp3] Explosions in the Sky - Your Hand In Mine (with strings) (from the Friday Night Lights OST)

Buy Explosions in the Sky at eMusic.


Blogger tueksta said...

the mp3-link is broken...

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