Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Test Icicles Spin-off Bands

"This whole 'band' trip has made me really insecure, embarrassed and unsure of myself and pretty much everything. its been a total blur and at the same time a long, drawn out torture session. I guess we had some fun moments here and there, but there was no shaking that ever-underlying discontentment and depression and confusion always lurking beneath the surface."

Myspace isn't a perfect fit for every band (can you imagine Maynard running the Tool myspace page?), but for Test Icicles it was their place of solace while on tour. Everyday a lengthy bulletin would appear from Dev, Rory or Sam discussing their day-to-day struggles. This steady Myspace habit helped humanize Test Icicles for me. People forget that the trio's combined age is right around 60. Creating a 4-track demo at 19 doesn't entail signing your life away to rock n' roll. No one is sadder about the demise of Test Icicles than me; however, I have to respect their decision and... wait for them to release new shit.

Ladies and gentlemen, that time has arrived.

Lightspeed Champion

Dev wins the award for most diverse Test Icicle, with his compact acoustic tunes. His Myspace page talks about his singer songwriter approach being his original direction, and it's exciting that he has returned to it.

In classic TI form, this is what he had to say about his new endeavor:

"I'm going to be working hard on this for some time and hopefully the outcome will be out soon for all to hate. I guess all I can say is that this time it's not completely one big joke, which means when it sucks it's all my fault, lolz."
[mp3] Lightspeed Champion - Last Night SUCKED
[mp3] Lightspeed Champion - Waiting Game

Myspace page

Raary Deci-Hell

Rory keeps the TI tradition alive with this set of rough and noisy demos. His Myspace page is for :RAT:ATT:AGG:, but the current posted songs are his personal demos. Apperently, the full band is in the process of recording at the moment, so keep checking their page. These demos are a bit thin. Missing the elements that balanced Test Icicles; however, I'm excited to hear some fully recorded songs.

[mp3] Raary Deci-Hells - Can We Fix It?
[mp3] Raary Deci-Hells - What's Going On?
[mp3] Raary Deci-Hells - The Pedler

Myspace page

As an added bonus here are a couple Test Icicles 4-track demos:

[mp3] Test Icicles - Circle Triangle Square (demo)
[mp3] Test Icicles - Who Ate All the Offal?


Blogger me said...

nice sentimental post. well written...

I saw RAT:ATT:AGG a few weeks ago and thought they were pretty lame. egotistical rubbish. I think their split just allows each member to get what they've always wanted-All the attention to themselves. though Testicles were always just a gimmick and the split was always around the corner

such a shame

7:13 AM  
Blogger BWH999 said...

Hmmm... that sucks about RAT. I'm kind of confused about whether you were a Test Icicles fan at one point - with the "such a shame." I can't agree with you about the gimmick thing. I think they had a lot of raw talent. It did seems like a train wreck though. Egos are definitely a possiblity, but living in our little myspace culture, it's starting to seem like the norm. Thanks for your comments!

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Steve-un said...

in what way was it egotistical? surely there is ego involved in anyone getting up on stage and performing. In what way was this performance particularly more egotistical than you average rock band. A lot of people would say that the way test icicles leapt around the stage irreverently playing guitar solos could be perceived as egotistical (egotesticicle, arf) i saw RAT:ATT:AGG the other day and they were exciting and fun and even though they haven't been playing together long they are much more competent live than test icicles ever were, I didn't sense any overt 'egotism' at work. Maybe you caught them on a bad day. I'd definitely recommend checking them out.

9:12 AM  
Blogger Emi said...

hey, could you possible do me a favour and upload "can we fix it" again?


3:08 AM  
Anonymous Jeff said...

I've got some more demos if you're interested. I've been sitting on them for a while. I have 2 that you dont have: Scene Damage, and a 4-track demo of Whats Your Damage. Sounds a bit different from the album version.. Much more raw. Loved the Icicles, saw them here in Tokyo at the "British Anthems" festival. Let me know if you want those other tracks or if you've found anything new. Also, do you know about Sams other band "Intense Dudes"? I have 4 tracks from them as well. Interesting stuff.

11:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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