Monday, July 24, 2006

Remy Zero Returns? - Cinjun Tate @ the Hotel Café

As Cinjun Tate took the stage on Saturday night at the Hotel Café I looked around at the silent smiles that filled the room. The crowd was eclectic in gender and background, mothers and uncles enjoyed their views behind tables positioned properly at center stage, indie kids with cameras tried to capture a shot of their high school hero in between finger swipes of their long, well positioned hair, and mystery guests hid in dark corners waiting for their cues.

But the happiness that graced these faces was soon abandoned as Cinjun began to power through the opening chord progressions of his set. Unknown to the crowd, these opening three songs, set to grace the upcoming Spartan Fidelity album, portrayed the beauty in sadness that Cinjun has fashioned so well over the years. The following songs, “Before the Last Kiss (I Wish)” and “Oil on Water,” originally recorded for a future Remy Zero disc before the band parted ways, was a metaphorical bridge between the Spartan Fidelity and Remy Zero songs of the set.

“India” an unreleased gem, might be one of the prettiest melodies to ever escape Cinjun’s mouth. Introduced with enthusiasm, it is easy to ascertain that Cinjun has a lot of expectations for the song. With the haunting instrumentations and mock choir harmonizing that drips over Spartan Fidelity songs it is easy to imagine where such high expectations stem from. With their eternal smiles, the crowd could easily imagine what the final cut could sound like, a love swept lullaby for a rain soaked sunset.

“It’s just one happy song after another,” facetiously exclaimed Cinjun half way through his set. But as the smiles continued to grow it was obvious that there was a grave distance between the happiness that Cinjun was joking about and the joy the crowd was experiencing. This was, however, the resurrection of our long lost hero of vocal rock. Few true crooners have come forth in the last few years in an era that has become more adept to embrace experimentation through partially tuned yelps, dance beats, and sharp guitar tones. It was funny that Cinjun would ask at this point in the show if we remembered the band he used to be in – Remy Zero.

And that’s when the lights went out. I swear I got hit with a rush of blood to the head or a kick in the teeth when Cinjun made his next move. With my guard down, Cinjun invited two of his former band mates, Cedric Lemoyne and Jeffrey Cain, to the stage to share in the next song. With that being said, our mystery guests hiding in the dark corners emerged with instruments in hand. Was I hallucinating? Was this a dream? Did I really just happen to drop in on a spontaneous reunion show of one of my favorite bands of all time?

“But listen, this is the important part,” exclaimed Cinjun, appropriately pausing before the punch line, “this is the newest song by Remy Zero.” Somewhere between hysterics and half hushed proclamations of the return of Remy Zero, my mind and body froze. The new song, entitled “Anger,” featuring both Cedric and Jeffrey on guitar, brought back the Caino sway and Cinjun bent wrist, hand signals. As Cinjun tiptoed his way to releasing his billowing hum it seemed as though he were releasing the strain of years of built up tension.

Listening to Cinjun, and a downsized Remy Zero perform their songs, was a reminder of how much love there is for a band that has given so much to their audience. After closing with “Hermes Bird,” the trio exited the stage amidst a crowd of loved ones. With handshakes, hugs, and smiles eager to know what the future holds it must have been hard for these former band members not to feel the love and appreciation this crowd had for the music these three had participated in making.

With only one new song under their belt it is hard to know if this really is the return of Remy Zero. But as a fan speaking for a crowd that glimpsed hope in their second coming, we love you, we miss you, and it was a joy to see you play together at least one more time. Rock music might not need another savior but it would be nice to know they are at out there.

[mp3] Remy ZeroMandolin (Demo)
[mp3] Remy ZeroHermes Bird (Live Acoustic)
[mp3] Spartan FidelityLocust

Buy Spartan Fidelity's Excava-11 on iTunes or Amazon.


Anonymous rl said...

Thanks for the review. I can't believe I missed this. I had to be in Hermosa Beach for my girlfriend's sister's engagement party...worse part is, it was my birthday.

Any chance this show was recorded?

1:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think there might be a chance. I am really hoping for it since I really want to hear "India" again. It's just gorgeous.

3:14 PM  
Blogger Will said...

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9:40 PM  
Blogger Will said...

Wow ... I wish I had been there. High school hero is probably an accurate description, given how much I played "Hermes Bird." I'll be waiting for that Spartan Fidelity record.

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This show put meaning in my life....hahaha....SO freakin' good! Oh and I must say that Cinjun is truly a class act and is ready to make RZ revival.

6:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am seriously hoping for a resurrection of sorts. To have a new Remy Zero album would be great. And if they would release that Sparty album already, geez.

7:23 PM  
Anonymous (and the special sauce) said...

According to my source (Cinjun), he really hopes they get back together too. He said he was "shocked" [they] got up stage with him and threw down some old RZ for the crowd. It's only a matter of time. Let's keep our fingers crossed...

8:20 AM  
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12:51 PM  
Blogger Muhammad Amjad said...

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