Monday, July 17, 2006

State of Permanence: Arizona

The big question that is struggling for an answer amongst bloggers is the aspect of permanence (or lack thereof) of bands in the blogosphere. It seems that this permanence is really the coat of arms for blog bands, their stamp of approval in a world that passes from the first big thing to the next on a day-to-day basis from blog-to-blog.

I am not one for the prophecies of bloggers, but when I read IGIF’s lotto numbers, and big bets behind their boys Arizona being the next big thing in the land-o-blogs, my ears perked up. I wanted to call them out, and go all in on their far too eager bet before “the turn.” But in listening to Arizona more closely, a promising young band was introduced to me, whose sound I can do little than call a good buy, a strong bet, or a hot chip.

“Some Kind of Chill” is a familiar friend telling a story you have heard a million times. The reason you are listening to him this time is the same reason you listened to his heartache before – his melody makes you recognize his reality. His simplicity makes you see why it is so easy to forget the beauty, and power within a simple melody - after it is done up with strange strings and towering thumps, beating and wrapping their long, round fingers around its slim, precious frailty. “Chill” is golden in its development – if you left it alone on a stage with one spotlight and one voice, its beauty would still be there, even without the harmonizing, shakers, and guitar solo.

August 18th will be a good day for those of us that have waited for Arizona’s debut, Welcome Back Dear Children. But in the month or so of anticipation still upon us, Arizona have gifted us with a few B-sides on their Myspace page. Oh do please go and take a listen.

Take a road trip.

[mp3] ArizonaSome Kind Of Chill
[mp3] ArizonaSurviving The Savior

In keeping with our pledge to the “State of Permanence,” we do solemnly swear that you will be seeing more from our dearest Arizona. Amen.

EDIT: You can now by Arizona's debut Welcome Back Dear Children on iTunes. Check it out here.


Blogger connor said...

"i wanted to call them out"

hate to say it...but I told you soooooo. all those damn naysayers probably didn't even give Arizona a chance before lambasting me and my post. Just wait, others will jump on the bandwagon soon enough. this CD is freaking GOLD, make no mistake

thanks for the post

12:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll give credit where credit is due, dearest Connor. Thanks for pointing us all in the right direction.

And as for the naysayers, I think they were just listening to it in the wrong way. Can't wait to get me hands on that there GOLD. It's not too bad up here on the bandwagon.

12:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not to be cheesy, but you don't have to wait anymore :-)

4:58 PM  

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