Thursday, June 01, 2006

More reason to love Liars

The Content + Liars = Love.

It's been that way since day one, and we don't intend to divorce each other anytime soon. During my daily peruse through Largehearted Boy, I found a great LA Times exclusive with Angus (lead singer etc...). It turns out that the band not only makes amazing music, but also speaks honestly about their intentions and worries.

"Another thing the Australian-born ringleader of the Liars cares about, surprisingly, are music critics who hate his band.

"We're not blind or deaf to reaction to our records," he says. "It's important to us to really try and listen to what people say about us."

Luckily for Andrew, the buzz is mostly positive when it comes to his group's latest offering.The album, marked by taut minor-key melodies, rolling percussion via multiple miked drums fed through effects pedals, haunting falsetto vocals and shimmering pulses of Sonic Youth-style noise, have earned the trio accolades from indie-rock sources like Pitchfork Media (which gave the album a rare 9.0 rating).But the critics were not always so kind to the Berlin-via-Brooklyn trio that formed in Los Angeles in 1999 (Andrew was a student at CalArts at the time)." (continue reading at Calendarlive)

Come see the band on June 3rd at the Troubadour. We will have a photographer sitting front row (thank you Mute!), so prepare to see some sweet photos on June 4th.


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