Monday, May 29, 2006

The Kingdom’s Constellation (or I’m trying to get your number)

It’s funny what brings us to music sometimes. It can be the buzz of the next big thing, an interesting sound that hit your ear at the right time, a haunting falsetto or even a gruff grumble of an ironic lyric. In the case of the Kingdom it was none of the above, but rather, the one thing that brings most of us boys to our knees in pleas of “please, please… please?”

A woman. Before hearing “I Am Constellation,” my introduction to the Kingdom was a promo pic of the band in their birthday suits with the oh-so-cute keyboardist Jenna Roadman wrapping herself in a white sheet to cover up her bits and pieces. Smitten and interested, “I Am Constellation” was a pleasant treat of new music reminiscent of an adolescent Stars at a Northwest rendezvous with Architecture in Helsinki. That might be an over statement in comparisons, but given the Kingdom’s youthfulness (they will be releasing their debut full-length this summer) it might be safe to say they are headed in a really good direction.

Here are a few tracks from their Unitas EP. Listen to a few more on their Myspace. Be sure to catch them at the Fold when they come to LA in July.

The Kingdom - "I Am Constellation" mp3
The Kingdom - "Arcadia Of My Youth" mp3

7/24/06 - The Fold In The Derby (info)


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