Monday, May 29, 2006

Desert Sessions

The Content took a little get away to the heart of the desert this past weekend to celebrate Memorial Day weekend. Finding ourselves in the heart of Joshua Tree (where the streets really have no names), I thought it kind of fitting to share some U2 tracks that might be a little interesting to y'all. These are some of the contract demos that ended up putting one of the biggest bands ever on a label. They are a little rough around the edges, but they capture the innocence of a band before all the malarky set in. And apparently, Bono seems to have always been able to sing. Go figure.

U2 - "An Cat Dubh" mp3
U2 - "Street Mission" mp3

U2 - "Touch" mp3
U2 - "The Dream Is Over" mp3
U2 - "The Fool" mp3
U2 - "Another Day" mp3
An actual Joshua Tree.
This street actually has a name (but I really don't know if it should).


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