Thursday, June 01, 2006

Porsches On The Autobahn

I don't think I could think up a more apt title for this post, even if I tried. The band, Porsches On The Autobahn, is just that straightforward, never hiding a thing. Basically it goes like this: Four German do-gooders make the people happy and cause us to do the shakity-shake-shake on the floor of discotheque. Got it?

The only thing that could make this music better would be if it was four Ivy league grad students that got all greased up after listening to Ozone, and decided to form their own Euro-pop group to put some smiles on a few faces. Can you really imagine some twenty-somethings jumping off daddy’s coattails on their east coast road to success? I didn’t think so.


Porsches On The Autobahn – “New Song Happy Dance” mp3
Porsches On The Autobahn – “Stranglebation” mp3
Porsches On The Autobahn – “Hey Brian” mp3


Ozone – “Dragostea Din Tei” mp3

Watch the video for "New Song Happy Dance"


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