Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Let's Go Fly A Kite

When looking back on things, Dustin Illingworth and I had pretty similar lives. We both went to the same high school, we both were on the basketball team, and we both dated the same girl (of course at different times). To be honest, Dustin was really better than me at most things. While I was sitting on the bench for JV, Dustin was the only white guy on the team that could really dunk. And now while I am sitting around with my failed attempts at pop songs, Dustin has been releasing glorious, sun-kissed tunes with his band, Kite Flying Society.

Residing in San Diego, Kite Flying Society recalls a beach born Boy Least Likely To minus the children’s instruments, and plus the salt water. They make feel-good music for a lazy afternoon, where your mind can only wander into those questions of “what if?”. Like their cinematic, long lost brother, Wes Anderson, KFS helps you be unafraid in those moments of uncertainty, by approaching them with honesty and a smile.

Their debut full length, Where Is The Glow?, will be released on July 28, followed by a west coast tour. Be sure to check them out, come August, when KFS comes to Spaceland for the International Pop Overthrow Festival. Preview their new track “If I Could Split,” and give a listen to some of their older demos below.

Put on a smiling face.

Kite Flying Society – “If I Could Split” mp3
Kite Flying Society – “6000 Shipwrecks” mp3
Kite Flying Society – “Esthetes Are Easy” mp3
Kite Flying Society – “Groundflower” mp3
Kite Flying Society – “Love & Seagulls” mp3

8/08/06 – Spaceland


Blogger catdirt said...

ah, a leetle san diego band coverage. kite flying society, enter telescope, squiddo, the sess and don't forget... the boyish charms.

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