Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Boy Least Likely To - Free Instore

Our favorite band that loves to play on the same day as our other favorite band is trying to make amends. On June 3, The Boy Least Likely To is going to turn the Roxy into a full blown, feel good, nostalgia trip. "Why is that?" you say. Because they are going to be breaking out your favorite Playskool instruments from kindergarten, and passing them around the audience for you to join in on the fun. Now if this golden goose egg of news was actually true, I might just rethink my attendance to the Liars show at the Troubadour, which happens to fall on the same night. (Note: if this actually happens will someone please deem me a prophet?)

Those attending Liars (or just want an extra dose of some rainbow colored xylophone) have the opportunity to attend a free instore performance, at the pseudo-legendary Fingerprints Records. The show will take place at 2pm this Saturday.

The Boy Least Likely To - "Be Gentle With Me" mp3
The Boy Least Likely To - "Rock Upon A Porch With You" mp3

Be there, or be square. If you can't be there, then you should try to be here (or here).

6/03/06 - Fingerprints Records (The Boy Least Likely To) (info)
6/03/06 - Roxy Theater (The Boy Least Likely To w/ ) (tix)
6/03/06 - Troubadour (Liars w/ The Apes, Rabbits) (tix)
6/03/06 - Spaceland (Danielson w/ Tara Jane O'neill) (tix)
6/03/06 - El Rey Theater (Pretty Girls Make Graves) (tix)


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