Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Preview: Aaron Schroeder - Black & Gold

Just as we'd hoped, one of RC's Fresh Faced Artists has spread his wings and left the nest. Aaron Schroeder is the man in question - he is also the artist that debuted the Fresh Faced series.

During my discussion of Southern Heart in Western Skin, I admitted that the songs still needed work, but believed Aaron had a strong foundation. These two new songs from Aaron Schroeder's second full length, Black & Gold, prove my original point nicely. Aaron no longer sounds like a kid in his basement (which was endearing by the way) - his vocals are solid and "Call Out to Me" has a great guest spot by Ben Barnett (Kind of Like Spitting). The whole production is a step forward musically, and made me proud of our graduated Fresh Faced Artist.

Exclusive preview tracks:

[mp3] Aaron Schroeder - Call Out to Me
[mp3] Aaron Schroeder - What We Don't Know



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