Monday, July 09, 2007

Brother Reade - Rap Music

“Back to the beginning, rap’s first inning, penny on the needle with the turnstile spinning”

The first line from Brother Reade’s, Rap Music, serve as manifesto of what the hip hop duo hope to achieve. The most affective way to revitalize an art form is to strip it down to its most basic root - for the art of rap that foundation is a mic and a beat.

With Jimmy Jamz on the mic and Bobby Ev
ans covering beats, Brother Reade turn their back on the heavy production and hyper-rugged lyrics of popular rap, without sacrificing the sharp energy of great hip hop. Jimmy's barrage of pop culture and self conscious references keep his rhymes smart and fresh, while Bobby Evans' modern production is best served by his commitment to old school structure. Although comparisons to MF Doom or Jay Dilla are viable, Brother Reade stand a step removed from even underground hip hop. The subject matter for songs ranges from tongue in cheek to deadly serious - remaining honest throughout. There's no false talk of Bentley's and chrome pistols, just great stories of coming up in LA.

It's summertime in Los Angeles, and Brother Reade has the perfect soundtrack for the hot days and long nights.

[mp3] Brother Reade - Life Ain't Easy For Y'all

[mp3] Brother Reade - Like Duh

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