Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Suggested Viewing: The Mo (Feat Kris Le Mans) - Nostalgia Locomotiv

[mov] The Mo feat: Kris Le Mans - "Nostalgia Locomotiv"

Not much is known about the defunct Swedish pop band
The Mo, but as the song name would indicate this video is one melodramatic choo-choo. I can bet it won’t be a video you’ve seen before, and if given a chance you might find yourself nostalgic enough at the end to watch it a second time.

Nostalgia Locomotive, released in 2004, unabashedly glams back to misfit duets of the 70’s (ELO, Bowie, Klaus Nomi). The video, one-take and one tracking shot, offers some charm and some orange hair, and some serious pining. Even boys in dresses miss their ladies lost. I couldn’t find much information on Miss Kris Le Mans, but she’s not working with the worst haircut either.

“Whatever you do, don’t look at the camera.” - Of Leaf and Lime



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