Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stream: 4 new Liars songs!

Look what I stumbled upon! Liars have been working hard lately, and have treated us with a new Myspace page, including cover art for their s/t new album and four new streaming songs. I was so excited about this discovery that I haven't even had time to sit with the new material. You guys are my first priority - so go enjoy.

Visit the myspace page

Also, Liars are opening for Interpol at the Forum on 10/23/07. Although, I doubt I'll be going to such a massive show, we can only hope there will be a club stop in LA sometime that week.

Here is the tracklist for Liars:

01 Plaster Casts of Everything
02 Houseclouds
03 Leather Prowler
04 Sailing to Byzantium
05 What Would They Know
05 Cycle Time
06 Freak Out
07 Pure Unevil
08 Clear Island
09 The Dumb in the Rain
10 Protection


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