Thursday, July 19, 2007

Caribou "Melody Day"

The return of classic melodies has been building for sometime now. I feel like the rebirth of Brian Wilson, the 40th anniversary of Pet Sounds and the gloomy social state of the world may have combined to create a perfect pop storm. Two years after the release of The Milk of Human Kindness, Caribou (aka Daniel V. Snaith) is back with Andorra, and it's clear that Daniel has been sharpening his melodic swords. I want Panda Bear, Caribou and Feist to start a gang.

Prior to Andorra's release on Aug 21st, Caribou has released the single "Melody Day" with a gorgeous Four Tet remix featuring Luke LaLonde of Born Ruffians, Adem and One Little Plane and b-side (I believe) called "Zoe." The cover photo says it all - beautiful, fragile and timeless.

[mp3] Caribou - Melody Day


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