Tuesday, June 19, 2007

IHeartComix Pull Out All the Stops

When Franki and Travis of IHeartComix host Check Yo Ponytail, what would otherwise be a mere concert, becomes an all night event.

Instead of showing up to a club, watching the band you came to see and going home,
IHeartComix creates an environment of ongoing activity. My trip to the ExPlx on Saturday night became an all night experience, absorbing multiple DJ sets and three amazing artists.

As you may know, there is something great happening right now in the Baltimore music scene, and after a session of dance music from DJ Franki Chan and DJ Paparazzi, the night was commenced by Wham City's own - Video Hippos. Earlier in the month RC brought you some new tracks from Video Hippos - here. Live, the duo didn't waste much time, cranking through their album UnBeast the Leash, while a series of home made films played on the foreground of the stage. Despite
the band's somewhat primitive stage setup, they were able to conjure up enough sound to recreate the dense layering found on the LP.

Juiceboxxx is almost impossible to describe. While the mid-west, skinny, white rapper angle is somewhat played out these days, Juiceboxxx had some crazy heart. He didn't stop high jumping, fist waving or "Fuck" screaming until every person in the place was floored. If you ask me it was a great example of the 10% talent 90% heart rule for success. Do I love the raps - no, do I love Juiceboxxx - yes!

...and then it was time for the main event - Mr. Dan Deacon himself. With a quick count of twenty-five,"25's," the crazy, black bonfire of blips and beats began. RC is no stranger to Spiderman of the Rings, and couldn't wait to see the magic happen in real life.

The night included:

- a green skull strobe light, hoisted on a mic stand
-dance circle
-group sing-a-long with lyric sheets
-weird cult robes
-a creepy red light
-amazing music

Sound like a pretty rad night? It was - so don't miss Check Yo Ponytail every other Saturday at the ExPlx.

[mp3] Video Hippos - The List
[mp3] Dan Deacon - Trippy Green Skull

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Blogger New and Used Records said...

That atmosphere you describe is sorely lacking for most indie music scenes in my personal opinion. I'm quite excited about Dan Deacon myself and that sounds just fantastic. Let's hope either IHeartComix can continue to build this community atmosphere, or that other labels/bands can follow suit. On second thought, how about both?

10:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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