Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dog Day : Night Group

Right now Dog Day is my raised fist, clenched and cocked, ready to slam down and splinter the tabletops of all that awaits my post graduate years. They are singing the swan song of my final (?) years of academia. I am Dustin Hoffman sinking ever so sweetly into the waters of my parent’s pool, raising my finger to the sun before a slip silently into the comforts of cubicle work and twenty something financial sufferings. Oh the joys of growing up, the dead end jobs and unsatisfying relationships.

Dog Day’s press release states how “it is always exciting when a great band comes out of nowhere.” Touché. Night Group has been consistently on repeat for the last few weeks and with each listen I have fallen more in love with the album packed with memorable hooks and melodies that come together as quick, minimalist pop gems. I hate saying how much I love an album but I really love Night Group. At a time in my life when I have been obsessed with the intricate production techniques of Wilson and Spector it is amazing to me that I have fallen so hard for a band that tends to not over-indulge or show off instead choosing to convey meaning, beauty, and honesty through great, simple pop songs.

Dog DayOh Dead Life

Check out the video for the first single off of Night Group, "Lydia."



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