Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Grizzly Bear haunts the Yellow House

I am fragile. My fingers hurt, my limbs are sore with fatigue, my open mouth yawns out its soft exhale for bedtime. My weekend has been spent curled in the fetal position with memories of what it was like to be healthy, to be human. The blood slowly flows back to my extremities and my twisted thoughts of killing off my grandmother for a good story of nonfiction seem a bit out of place. My surroundings are familiar, a dining room, an empty china cabinet to my left reflecting the candlelight I have set upon the dinner table as I write out immediate thoughts for the cloudiest of harmonies bouncing around my eardrums.

And yet all is fine in this yellow house. There are ghosts that sing haunting songs to make us fall to sleep. Their “lullabies,” ghosts whispering echoes along corridors filled with warm photographs of early America, are welcomed as family history shared between the young and elderly. Somehow Grizzly Bear’s sound is a bridge between these two worlds,
the old and young, the new and the forgotten. In rediscovering songs by beloved relatives from the 1930s (“Marla”) and recording in a family home off of Cape Cod, Grizzly Bear does away with the generation gap by not being a part of either. Their songs contain elements from yesteryear (Pet Sounds) and last year (Illinois) while remaining independent of each.

[mp3] Grizzly BearEasier
[mp3] Grizzly BearKnife
[mp3] Grizzly BearShift (from their debut Horn of Plenty)

Grizzly Bear’s Yellow House is out TODAY so go buy it now. Be sure to catch their show at Spaceland here at the end of September.

9/28/06 – Spaceland (tix)

[BONUS mp3] Grizzly Bear - Owner of a Lonely Heart

And for one of the coolest videos I have witnessed on YouTube for a music band...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes yes yes

4:11 PM  
Blogger Barbara Bruederlin said...

While not as overtly cool as the new OK Go Video, this one has a very haunting quality, with the long camera shot. The song is gorgeous.

7:22 PM  
Blogger Dave Rawkblog said...

ridiculous album. ridiculous.

1:33 PM  

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