Saturday, June 24, 2006

Wolf Eyes release Human Animal

Wolf Eyes' first semi-major label release, Burned Mind, showed the frightening results of a noise band recording with a budget. Instead of the more distant recordings found on Dead Hills and Dread, the album's clean production brought everything terrifying detail to the surface. Now the trio is back with Human Animal on Sept 26th, and Sub Pop has a little statement perpared:

"During one four-week period at the dawn of ’06, they laid down the ideas that would shape the new album in their studio, the Terror Tank. This new slab is the first with Mike Connelly (of Hair Police and the Gods of Tundra label) replacing Aaron Dilloway. Though he no longer tours with the band, Dilloway remains involved and helped to mix the new record with BMG (who also did the deed on Burned Mind).These songs are rotten with metal, reeds, consciousness-erasing islands of black doom; bass-heavy rippers, late-night free-terror jams, afflicted dog-hearts, underwater crabs: pure mayhem."

Human Animal

01 The Driller
02 Four Strings of Satanic Heritage
03 Rationed Rot
04 Leper War
05 Human Animal
06 Rusted Mange
07 A Million Years of Graveyards
08 Noise Not Music
09 Lake of Roaches

[mp3] Wolf Eyes - Dead Hills 2


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