Sunday, June 11, 2006

Forward Russia

If I may draw your attention back to December, you will notice that The Content's first career post urged readers to check out this then-unknown Leeds band. Back then (all of 6 months ago), Forward Russia was draped in mystery. Having no US performances and only a handful of songs, we spent a lot of time with the ipod on repeat, daydreaming about a Forward Russia show. Since then, The Content has stalked all of FR's moves, and even asked them a few questions. So, yeah we're big fans.

With Give Me a Wall out on the shelves, and a headlined show at the Troubadour next weekend, FR fans couldn't ask for much more. Tickets are still available for this week's Troubadour show. Get them here or here!
Forward Russia had a lot riding on their release of Give Me a Wall, and they succeeded across the board. I was anxious to hear the productions of "Nine" and "Thirteen," since I cherish the initial recordings; however, the album is masterfully produced - sharp with raw energy intact. No Transatlanticism here. The new songs are infectious, and "Fifteen Part 1 and 2" (if they had song names, this would be the title track) act as the album's cornerstone. My favorite song "fourteen" is missing from the album, but is alive and well as a b-side.

New to Forward Russia? Check out these MP3s, and then buy the album.

[mp3] Forward Russia - Thirteen
[mp3] Forward Russia - Nine
[mp3] Forward Russia - Twelve
[mp3] Forward Russia - Fourteen (B-side)

See them:

06/14/06 NEW YORK, Mercury Lounge

06/15/06 SAN FRANCISCO, Popscene

06/17/06 LOS ANGELES, Troubadour


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