Thursday, June 08, 2006

Prepare yourself for The Rapture

Cover your ears and close your eyes, because the dreadful day of the Lord is upon us. The Raptures' highly anticipated follow-up to 2003's Echoes is soon going to be cheering up our summer nights. As reported in NME, the Rapture spent 2005 writing new material, and have spent the past couple of months in NYC and LA recording with various producers. It seems as though the band will release a single come August, with the full-length not far behind.

On the bands website you can watch a compilation video of their performance from this past October in Baltimore. During the clip you can preview a couple of new tracks that are sure to be on the new album. Smokin' hot if you ask me.

The Content was able to catch both of their performances in LA this past fall, and we are grinding our teeth to hear those back breaking beats and sky high falsettos once again. Here is a sneak peak from their sessions in LA with Danger Mouse.

The Rapture - "W.A.Y.U.H."

Check out some more pics from their studio visits in LA and NYC.


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