Friday, May 26, 2006

New Keane, Fonda Show Sold Out

After streaming Keane's new single "Is It Any Wonder?" at Stereogum, I listened to it six more times in a row. It could have been due to the fact that it's a catchy rock ballad, which could rival with the lesser of U2 tracks, or just because I had my streaming player on loop and didn't know it. Either way, I took a liking to the track because this boy can sing his lungs out. I am completely guilty when it comes to Keane and I can understand why others find the sound less than appealing (I am not going to the grave with these guys); however, if a band has a wicked pair of pipes, than you can probably assume that it is playing in my car (away from anybody else knowing about it).

Keane will be releasing their sophmore effort on June 12 entitled
Under the Iron Sea. Their show at the Henry Fonda is now sold out.

Check out the video for "Is It Any Wonder?" Makes me want to go back to Six Flags.


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